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Plainfield Self Storage strives to give our customers the very best rate for self storage.  We take steps to insure that we can provide you the best possible rate for storage by doing the following;  we keep our costs down and we closely monitor our area competitors to make sure we remain competitive.  Since we allow ourselves the flexibility to change our rates to provide you the best rate at any given time, WE DO NOT POST OUR RATES ON OUR WEBSITE!

If you are interested in rates and availability information we urge you to contact our office so that we may provide you our current rates and availability or help you choose the best size and price point for your storage need.  Please feel free to use the specialized contact form below or to call us at 401-946-3308 during business hours.  You can use the specialized contact form anytime and can expect a response immediately.  (Please note that we will make every effort to answer your requests within a 24 hour period.)


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If you already know what size you are looking for then feel free to skip this next section.  If your not sure what size is best for you, we can help if you provide us with a little more information! 

Use the questions below to provide us with information that will help us guide you to the right size:

How many rooms are you moving?


 What are the biggest items you are putting away?  (ex. couch, loveseat, 2 queen beds, etc.)

Other than the items listed above, what other items will be put in the unit?  (ex. boxes, plastic bins, chairs, little items)

After you have completed the above form, please hit the send button to deliver the form to us.  We will send you rate information, availability, specials and any other information you request.



Problems or suggestions for our site, email us at web_help@plainfieldselfstorage.com.